Campus Community

With nearly 26,000 students and 18,000 faculty and staff (before you include the Health System), the University of Pennsylvania is a vast community – many of whom are or will be the first in their families to receive a bachelors’ degree and beyond.

Penn First Plus Ambassadors

P1P Ambassador Training was created to further enhance faculty and staff knowledge and skills on topics that have direct impact on first-generation and/or lower-income students’ college transition, academic success, and sense of belonging on campus. The faculty and staff listed below have completed this four-hour experience and are open to having discussions about and supporting you through the experience of being the first person in your family to pursue a college degree and/or be from a lower-income background.

[List forthcoming.]

Student Organizations

  • Penn First
    Organization for students who are first-generation and/or from lower-income backgrounds, providing social, academic, and professional development events.
    Organization for queer students who are first-generation and/or from lower-income backgrounds.
  • FLITE (FGLI in Tech and Engineering)
    Promotes community and access for first-generation and/or lower-income student interested in technology and engineering.
  • FGLI Dean’s Advisory Board at the College
    Advises the Undergraduate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences on matters affecting FGLI students.
  • Wharton FGLI
    Promotes community for first generation and/or lower income students in the Wharton school through acknowledgement, visibility, advocacy, and connection
  • Seven|Eight
    Organization for students who are both queer and APIA (Asian Pacific Islander American).
  • The Collective Success Network
    Student organization promoting professional and career development opportunities for the first-generation and/or lower-income community.
  • Questbridge Scholars
    The on-campus community for students who arrived at Penn through the Questbridge Match program.
  • FGLI International
    Organization for international students who are first-generation and/or from lower-income backgrounds. The link is directly to their GroupMe, which is being used for all communications.
  • Penn Common Cents
    Penn’s first undergrad personal finance club seeking to mend the financial literacy knowledge gap seen across the U.S. We are a national organization headquartered at Penn with a branch at NYU holding innovative events that make personal finance interesting and inclusive for all.

Campus Offices

Alumni Engagement and Community

  • Penn First Plus Alumni Relations
    Penn First Plus Alumni relations coordinates programming and networking opportunities for Penn graduates who were among the first in their families to attend college, and/or had limited resources as undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Penn FLASH
    Penn FLASH is a networking program for current first-generation and/or lower-income students to connect with alumni for purposes of networking and advice on their academic and/or professional pathways.