Alumni Opportunities

Penn has always admitted students who were the first in their families to pursue a four-year degree as well as those who benefit from its increasingly robust financial aid programs. However, only recently has the notion of developing community around these experiences become the focus of our work with students and alumni. We invite all first-generation alumni to update their status in MyPenn to include being a first-generation as an affinity group so you can receive news of opportunities to connect with other first-generation alumni and/or current undergraduates.

Highlighted Resources for the Penn First Plus Alumni Community

In June 2019, Alumni Relations Appointed Lisette Garza its inaugural Director of Penn First Plus Alumni Relations and Career Resources. Lisette shepherded and cultivated a series of programmatic and networking resources that you can access on the P1P section of the Alumni Relations website.

FLASH Networking Program

Penn FLASH, a project co-sponsored by Penn First Plus Alumni Relations and the Greenfield Intercultural Center’s FGLI Program is our initial endeavor to connect first-generation and/or lower-income students and alumni to support their networking and professional development needs. Registration is required to participate. Please visit the Penn FLASH Website.


With the professional culture of Penn, today’s undergraduates are under significant pressure to locate internship opportunities early in their career. If you have an internship that you would like to offer specifically to a first-generation and/or lower-income undergraduate, please contact Lisette Garza, Director of Penn First Plus Alumni and Career Resources initiatives via email at:

Support P1P

Opportunities to provide financial support for Penn First Plus are available via the Power of Penn Campaign website.